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3rd grade student at Duval Charter School at Westside received 146 cabbage plants for our cabbage project. Each 3rd grader will receive a cabbage plant to take home and grow. We are so excited to get this program at our school. If nurtured and cared for, students can cultivate, nurture and grow giant cabbages, some bigger than a basketball, tipping the scales often over 40 pounds! The program awards a $1,000 scholarship to one student in each participating state. At the end of the season, teachers from each 3rd grade participating class select the student who has grown the “best” cabbage, based on size and appearance. A digital image of the cabbage and student is submitted online and that student’s name is then entered in a random statewide drawing. State winners are randomly selected by the Commission of Agriculture, in each of 48 participating states. The Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program is a wonderful way to engage children’s interest in agriculture, while teaching them not only the basics of gardening but the importance of our food systems and of growing our own. This unique, innovative program exposes children to agriculture and demonstrates, through hands-on experience, where food comes from. The program also provides youth with valuable life lessons in nurture, nature, responsibility, self-confidence, and accomplishment!